Dallas Braden's perfect game a perfect time to buy souvenirs

Dallas Braden perfect game Oakland A's
Dallas Braden perfect game Oakland A's

For the 12,228 fans at Sunday's perfect game by Oakland A's pitcher Dallas Braden, they already have their memories and a ticket stub as souvenir of the 19th perfect game in Major League Baseball history.

But for anyone looking to make a buck from this perfect game, where 27 Tampa Bay hitters went hitless and didn't get on base, now is the opportunity to find a ticket and either sell it fast or hold on to it and sell as part of a package with a photo of Braden or better yet, an autograph of the pitcher.

Of course, MLB is already doing what it can to commemorate Braden's perfect game. Pink bats that are the same as the players used on Mother's Day are on sale, and some of the bats used in the game are expected to be auctioned by the league.

Also, tickets in Section 209 are half price (209 is the Stockton area code where Braden lives), Braden's No. 51 jerseys are expected to be big sellers, and a Jackie Robinson jersey that Braden signed is going for $500 so far at auction.

Jay Goldklang, owner of Gold Standard Collectibles, told WalletPop in an e-mail: "I would value a ticket or ticket stub from Dallas Bradens perfect game at approximately $50, though it may go for as much as $100 in the next couple of weeks simply because his perfect game just occurred and is a hot topic right now. I'd compare it to Mark Buerhles perfect game ticket/stub from last year. It is nowhere near the $500-$1,000 that a Don Larsen 1956 World Series Game 5 perfect game ticket might command, depending on condition, nor is Dallas Braden a Koufax or Hunter-type pitcher."