Apartment Guru: Obsessive Safety Concerns

fire detector apartment guru
fire detector apartment guru

Dear Apartment Guru,

A friend of mine died several years ago from carbon monoxide poisoning in a home equipped with a faulty detector. When I was little, two of my cousins were in a terrifying house fire that started because of faulty electrical wiring -- one cousin was badly burned. I know that these things have helped to make up my pathology. But I always end up in a contentious relationship with every landlord I have ever had, because I am constantly asking that he or she come over and check and recheck things -- like I think I smell smoke and I need drywall taken out so that wires can be triple-checked.

When they tell me no, I do it myself or else I freak out until I can move.

I just moved into a new place and so far the landlord has been really nice and accommodating. All my neighbors say how great he is. But I know myself and I am really worried I could seriously damage this relationship as well.

Can you give me some advice on how I can feel safe in my home without driving my landlord nuts?

-- Kinda Compulsive and Scared