Par for the course in Social City with new golf gifts

Social City golf course
Social City has just released six brand new gifts for the golf enthusiast, now available on the "free gifts" page. There are 6 different layouts of golf course, each with different trees and decorations. They look to be rather large, although we haven't tested them out yet. These different golf courses can be matched and mixed to make long fairways and huge full golf courses. The pieces are not available to purchase within the game, you have to receive them as gift from your friends. If you want a golf course, you might want to start sending them to your friends to give them the hint that you would like some in return.

Social City does a great job of releasing new gifts and decorations often so that players always have something to work towards and look forward to. Log in to the game now to check out the new golf course set and start building the next home of the PGA Tour!
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