Get free wasabi for being a fan of Restaurant City


Restaurant City are currently promoting their sushi bar again, which means that they're giving away a free sushi ingredient to all fans of the game. For the next 24 hours, players can claim a free wasabi ingredient by clicking on this link and logging into the game. You do need to log all the way in, because you will have to click "accept " on a popup that will show up when you're in the game. Close the news and any other popups, and then it will ask you if you want to accept the free wasabi.

This particular ingredient is to encourage people to get the sushi bar. The sushi bar requires you to get the Salmon Sashimi recipe to level 10, which requires salmon and wasabi. Log in now to get the wasabi so that you can start creating Salmon Sashimi and other Japanese recipes now!

Do you have your sushi bar in Restaurant City yet?