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With great advice on handling natural disasters, dealing with criminal neighbors, dressing up your living room, and keeping your place smelling fresh, it's been a week of wisdom here on RentedSpaces. See what else you needed to know this week.

Apartment Emergency Plan: Where to Go When Natural Disaster Strikes
Your rental may be your refuge, but do you know what to do in the case of a true emergency? Learn how to handle everything from hurricanes to flooding in this informative roundup. Read more.

University Housing Site Makes Students' Search Easier
Two enterprising Texas university students discovered a need during their own apartment search, and created a web site to help other students find housing. Check out their smart idea. Read more.

Apartment Guru: The Drug Dealer Next Door

The Apartment Guru tackles the tricky issue of a frightened tenant living in a difficult situation. See - it's not all about loud sex and bug infestation with the Guru. Read more.

Furniture Slipcovers Transform a Room
Forget your grandma's ill-fitting, frumpy slipcovers - the new generation of furniture-fixers are available in fun colors and patterns, with tailored designs that can transform your space. Read more.

Jen + Brad: Arch Enemies? The Feud Turns to Architecture
The Aniston-Pitt rumor mill rages on 5+ years after the fact, with a "source" claiming that Jennifer's new-found love of architecture is just a ruse to get Brad's attention. Read more (if you still care).

What's That Smell, Bro? A Guy's Guide to Keep Your Place From Stinking
Not to say that boys stink, but if the smelly shoe fits... Take some tips from the author of "Clean Like a Man" to learn how to keep a bachelor pad smelling fresh. Read more.
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