Play Social City in massive fullscreen glory

Social City fullscreen button
Social City fullscreen button

Social City have released an update today that will really make players happy - the ability to play the game in fullscreen mode! This has been a common development to occur lately as nearly all of the top Facebook games have the ability to play with the window maximized in all directions. Social City's new fullscreen feature is a seamless and good looking experience. Where other games such as Tiki Resort simply scale up the entire screen (which makes it look bloated and pixelated), Social City actually uses true fullscreen technology to make the game feel great.

To use the new fullscreen feature in Social City, there is a new button on the left side of your screen that you can press to toggle back and forth from fullscreen. When clicked, a warning message will pop up telling you that this feature is not compatible with all browsers and may cause the game to run slow. We didn't notice any performance issues when we tried it out, but on older computers being in fullscreen may cause some issues.