Mall World turns into Mom World with Mother's Day boutique

Mall World Mother's Day Boutique
Mall World Mother's Day Boutique

Mall World is celebrating Mother's Day in style with not just a limited time gift for Mother's Day, but an entire boutique filled with items. The Love Mom store is the result of a survey held earlier in the week that asked players what kind of style their moms liked to wear earlier in their lives. This new boutique has a variety of clothing an accessories to not only honor mothers everywhere, but also give them something to wear.

Here is the full inventory list of the new Love Mom store:

Printed Pocketbook - $4,200
Rainbow Platforms - 12 Credits
Ring Platform Wedges - $2,976
Macrame Purse - 20 Credits
Classic Bauletto - 25 Credits
Jet Set Case - $4,260
Rock n' Roll Boots - 20 Credits
Strappy Platforms - $1,440
Tie Front Blouse - 12 Credits
Leisure Shirt - $660
Psychedelic Hostess Dress - 27 Credits
Off-Shoulder Peasant Top - 12 Credits
Mother's Day Basket - $360
Gold Belted Cut-Off Hot Pants - $2,400
Leisure Slacks - $576
Flared Jeans - 20 Credit

There is no clear date on when this store will be closing for good, but we would encourage you to check out the Love Mom shop now while it's still available. To access this store, click on the Mall icon on the bottom of your screen, then scroll through the store names on the bottom until you find Love Mom. There are plenty of cute items in this store, and you don't have to be a mom to appreciate them!