Expand your restaurant to a lavish size in Cafe World

Cafe World Lavish Cafe Expansion
Cafe World Lavish Cafe Expansion

Do you find that you regularly run out of space in your restaurant? Well,the Cafe World gods have answered your dreams and wishes. You can now expand your cafe even larger to 15x17 so that you have plenty of room for all your decorations, stoves, and restaurant guests. The new Lavish Cafe is one bigger tile in both directions so that you can fit several more items. The price, like all other expansions is quite outrageous. If you have 16 neighbors you can buy the Lavish Cafe for 999,999 coins. Alternatively, the expansion costs 35 Cafe Cash. No matter which you decide to buy, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Like with most expansions, you will want to take the doors off your cafe as you redecorate. This will close your business down and you will not lose your buzz rating while you're busy rearranging things. In addition, make sure to not block any doors and allow plenty of room around the counters to allow your waiters plenty of room to walk around them. Finally, don't forget to put your door back in when you're ready to open up shop again.

Currently, there is a preview for the Astounding Cafe, which is not available yet. We think this is a nice feature, but it costs much more in Cafe World than in other games. We think it's a bit pricey. What do you think?