What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

California home prices are up, jumbo mortgage rates are down, and Nic Cage's bad luck continues to roll on. See what else was happening on HousingWatch this week.

Will Right-to-Rent Act Rescue Foreclosed Owners?
A new law aims to keep homeowners in their homes even after they've been foreclosed on. But does the math work out for everyone, or will some troubled owners simply become troubled renters? Read more.

2. Dallas Home for Sale: 3 Blocks From George W. Bush for $6.9M
If you're ready to be greeted by a welcome wagon flanked by Secret Service agents, consider buying this $7 million home in the former President's swanky Dallas neighborhood. Read more.
3. Housing Supply Sales Through the Roof: Sign of a Quick Recovery?
We're all ready for an indication that the housing market is recovering, but can a sales increase for one home component manufacturer be considered a sign of good things to come? Read more.

4. Pending Home Sales Rise: The Tax Credit Effect?
Are we playing Charlie Brown to the Pending Home Sales Index's Lucy once again? See if the proverbial football is about to be ripped out from under us in the form of an index crash in coming months. Read more.

5. Los Angeles Real Estate Roundup
With average home prices up, and the price of property-plagued Nic Cage's Bel Air mansion down (reduced -- again -- to $12.75 million, from a high of $35 million), it was a hot week in L.A. real estate. Read more.

6. Jumbo Mortgages: Bigger Is Better, Again
A lender announcement about a new, lower rate for "jumbo" mortgages might mean good news for more average borrowers, as well. See why you don't need a $400,000+ loan to feel some of the benefits. Read more.
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