Record-Breaking Picasso or Its Former Home: What's the Better Deal?


If you are the anonymous oligarch or hedge-fund honcho who shelled out $106.5 million for a Picasso painting this week at a Christie's auction, will you please identify yourself?

Thanks, because if you have any money leftover in your Cayman Islands account, a few eager real estate brokers would like to sell you a place to hang your trophy picture.

And not just any house: It's the mid-century modern masterpiece in L.A.'s ritzy Holmbly Hills neighborhood which was owned by the late art collectors and patrons, Frances and Sidney F. Brody. Their estate was selling the picture.

That would be cool. Oh, by the way, the house is listed at $25.9 million -- chump change when compared to the price of the painting.

So what's a better deal, the painting or the house?