Prankster John Hargrave has fun at VISA's expense

pranking ally bankCredit card companies are known for taking as much as they can from cardholders, whether it's higher interest rates or creative fees. Wouldn't it be great if you could take something back from your credit card company and have fun at the same time? Well I have great news, if your card has a concierge system like the Chase Signature Visa, you can. And prankster John Hargrave did.

Hargrave, who notoriously pranked the 2007 Super Bowl halftime show, was delighted to learn that his VISA Signature Chase Freedom card came with the same concierge services as many higher-end credit cards and took advantage of this newfound power for our enjoyment.

The first step involved a search for cheese. Not just any cheese, but nacho cheese -- a lot of nacho cheese; in fact, "enough to fill a punch bowl." To top it off, he wanted to be able to pick it up when he was in Austin, Texas on a trip. Contrary to what many customers hear from their credit card company, John was told "no problem" and issued a case number.

True to their word, a VISA concierge called John back the next day with everything he needed to find a store in Austin with enough cheese to fill a punch bowl.

The cheese was just the beginning. Affirmed in his newfound power over his credit card company, he then put the employees that your interest rates pay for to work solving a crossword puzzle, finding a service to provide daily motivational messages (yes, these exist and they aren't cheap) and investigate options for traveling into space.

His VISA concierge workers, a different employee each call, were able to do everything he asked in a little under 24 hours. The only exception was the task of providing him with a list of all the things that a concierge can't do for a customer; that took 3 days.

Hargrave has a knack for retelling his pranks that make it hard not to love his style and laugh out loud. It doesn't hurt that the pranks are at the expense of a credit card company, either. If you need a break you should really visit this Four Hour Workweek blog entry where he tells a tale of each task, complete with humorous quotes.

While you're at it, you may as well have some fun with identity confirmation questions on your bank account. These questions from Laszlo Thoth are much funnier when you realize that Ally Bank will read these back to you when you call in with a question!
Q: I've been embezzling hundreds of thousands of dollars from my employer, and I don't care who knows it.
A: It's a good thing they're recording this call, because I'm going to have to report you.

Q: Are you really who you say you are?
A: No, I am a Russian identity thief.
Do you have any favorite pranks to pull on financial institutions?
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