Not-So-HighTimes: London Rental Wrecked by Weed Growers

weed growers wreck apartment
weed growers wreck apartment

It was a simple plan: Two fake renters (or should we call them "plants"?) lease a house and the real tenants turn it into a cannabis factory.

The owner thought he was renting his home to two young women. Instead, his house and garage was being used to grow over 200 marijuana plants worth thousands.

The Workingham Timesreports that the "420"-friendly crew totally wrecked the house. So not cool!

It happened southeast of London in the sleepy town of Wokingham, Berkshire three weeks ago. The unlucky homeowner, Bryan McCrorie, 50, is probably still trying to fathom the £10,000 (just over $15,000) worth of damages his home suffered from removed floorboards, holes in the roof, dismantled fixtures, and general spliff-driven ruckus and upheaval.

You gotta see to believe....