Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft for Sale or Rent

Jane Fonda loft for saleTalk about taking the direct approach.

Jane Fonda wrote in her blog this week about how she's ready to sell or rent her Atlanta loft. First, she wrote a thoughtful, personal assessment of why she is leaving town. Then she followed that up with some lovely photographs of her abode that shows off the stunning Southern space.

Fonda, 72, sounded like a kid as she explained why she's leaving behind Atlanta, her adopted hometown, to return to Los Angeles, where she's lived the past nine months with boyfriend Richard Perry. "This is a hard blog to write," she told readers of JaneFonda.com in explaining her decision.

The film legend basically wants to break back into the movies, but the former fitness guru sure does not look like she's going to be nabbing those "Driving Miss Daisy" old-lady roles any time soon. She's looking fabulous. (But let's just hope she aims higher than her last features "Georgia Rule" and "Monster-in-Law.")

And how much does it cost to live like Jane Fonda, anyway?The loft is for sale for $4.5 million or can be rented for $10,000 a month, according to what Laura Crumley, Fonda's financial manager, told me on Thursday. Crumley was not surprised that avid blogger Fonda took to the web to talk up her own property. "She's pretty open on her blog," Crumley said.

The property boasts views of both downtown and midtown. And Fonda was instrumental in every aspect of the design process at the loft. "She loved that home and she thought she would be there forever," Crumley said.

Rent or Own Jane Fonda's Loft
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Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft for Sale or Rent
Fonda says of the entry space, "This is my entry 'hall.' To me it is a womb with a narrow birth channel and then you enter the wide open sunny loft to be born again."
Fonda says of her views, "The loft has the most amazing view of Atlanta’s skyline—and a beautiful sky line it is! When the sun rises the buildings turn pink. And sunsets can be spectacular."
Our guess is the Warhol artwork at the far end of this space is not included in the asking price.
The small kitchen is off the main living space and separated by glass doors. Fonda's love of track lighting is easily noticed here - you'll see it throughout the loft as well.
You reach the second floor by a semi-winding stairway and to easily reach this light-filled space.
Fonda blogs,"This is my bedroom. One-of-a-kind bed. There’s a mirror under that oval canopy with wooden tassels. I’m the only person I know with a glass fireplace! The light from the fire bounces off it and reflects and is gorgeous."

That makes sense, given that Fonda wrote movingly in her 2006 memoir, "My Life So Far", about her love for Atlanta. Her marriage to business biggie Ted Turner initially drew her to town, but she wound up feeling passionate about, and very much at home in, the city. She's established deep roots there, from family and friends to what she calls "my two non-profits," namely the Georgia Campaign for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention and the Jane Fonda Center at the Emory School for Medicine. She wrote on her blog about how she will be back for meetings there.

But once an actor, always an actor...and Fonda writes candidly about how she wants to back in the movie game. She evidently realizes she needs to be in L.A. with the Hollywood types in order to stay on the radar. So while she's promising to return frequently to Atlanta, she's planning on more California dreamin'...and working...at this stage of her life. "Already my work situation has changed," she wrote this week. "I will be in several movies this year, with several more in the works." Previously, she said, she did two movies in 10 years. That's "too few," she said.

I agree, having pretty much grown up on Jane Fonda movies. And, yes, also grown up on news accounts about how controversial she was. "My Life So Far" was so good because Fonda has had one heck of a life, and she had so many interesting stories to tell about everything from politics to aerobics to an emotionally distant dad and an array of interesting romances. Turns out the "So Far" part was important, and Fonda is planning another high-profile act.

That, in turn, leaves the lovely loft up for grabs.

Photos by Nathan Martin - www.nrmcreativemarketing.com
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