Jane Fonda's Atlanta Loft for Sale or Rent

Jane Fonda loft for sale
Jane Fonda loft for sale

Talk about taking the direct approach.

Jane Fonda wrote in her blog this week about how she's ready to sell or rent her Atlanta loft. First, she wrote a thoughtful, personal assessment of why she is leaving town. Then she followed that up with some lovely photographs of her abode that shows off the stunning Southern space.

Fonda, 72, sounded like a kid as she explained why she's leaving behind Atlanta, her adopted hometown, to return to Los Angeles, where she's lived the past nine months with boyfriend Richard Perry. "This is a hard blog to write," she told readers of JaneFonda.com in explaining her decision.

The film legend basically wants to break back into the movies, but the former fitness guru sure does not look like she's going to be nabbing those "Driving Miss Daisy" old-lady roles any time soon. She's looking fabulous. (But let's just hope she aims higher than her last features "Georgia Rule" and "Monster-in-Law.")

And how much does it cost to live like Jane Fonda, anyway?