Gamer wins $1 million for pitching virtual perfect game

Gamer pitches perfect game, wins $1 millionOne Million dollars. That's the prize that 24-year-old Wade McGilberry of Semmes, Alabama won for pitching a perfect game. If you didn't hear the news on ESPN, don't worry, Wade isn't a Major League Baseball (MLB) pitcher. He is a video game record setter, who pitched his perfect game in MLB 2K10, a baseball simulation from 2K Sports. For his amazing accomplishment, Wade won $1,000,000.

This may sound like the plot of a Disney special, but it is the real deal. Apparently, 2K Sports thought it would be hard, if not impossible, for a player to pitch a perfect game in MLB2K10, especially with the many rules it put in place, but within a day of the game's release, Wade had pitched a perfect game using Kenshin Kawakami of the Atlanta Braves.

While many MLB pitchers may try their entire career for a perfect game, it only took Wade six tries to make a mark in video game history.

In his sixth attempt, Wade hit gold. It only took him an hour and a half to pitch his way through nine perfect innings which he recorded and sent off to 2K Sports. Then he waited. Two months later, 2K Sports verified that Wade had successfully pitched a perfect game and was indeed the winner of the $1,000,000 prize.

While most prizes, especially large ones like this, are covered by an insurance policy like those purchased for hole-in-one competitions,CNBCreports that 2K Sports didn't take out insurance on the contest because no insurance company could determine the odds of pitching a virtual perfect game. The good news is that even though it will come out of the company's coffers, 2K Sports is paying the $1,000,000 prize.

Something tells me it may be a while before we see an Xbox achievement like this again!
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