FarmVille releases more Southwestern themed items


It's another day, so of course that means another update in FarmVille chock full of new items. It seems that not a day goes by where they're not adding on to their already massive Southwestern theme. This release has some fun items, including two new large buildings, wagon, and an adorable little Bobcat for adoption. While your farm might not have room for all of these new items, you may have to sell or store some things to make room. Here is the list of new Southwestern items that were released in FarmVille late tonight:

Adobe Arch - 3,500 coins
Ball Cactus - 1,500 coins
Hacienda - 46 Farm Cash
Turquoise Gallery - 46 Farm Cash
Grand Wagon - 8.800 coins
Campfire - 6,000 coins
Adobe Gateway - 3,700 coins
Bobcat - 22 Farm Cash

It's a regular Oregon Trail in FarmVille, complete with the wagon, the fire to roast food, and the trusty bobcat companion? Well, it might look cute but it's no domestic housecat! The Bobcat, Hacienda, and Turquoise Gallery are also available to send to your friends as a gift. All of these items have 23 days left on them before they will be leaving the FarmVille market.

Are you pleased with the Southwestern theme in FarmVille so far? What else could they release?