FarmVille Baby Bobcat prowls into the in-game market


After days of teasing farmers with an image of the Bobcat on the FarmVille loading screen, this brown furball finally sees fit to prowl into the in-game market. This 'lovable' feline will only be around for a limited time -- 23 days in fact -- and costs
22 Farm Cash. You can buy it for yourself, or send it to a neighbor as a gift.

After two days the cat can be harvested (we presume that means we'll be able to 'brush' the cat for coins) and if -- for whatever reason -- you want to sell this little guy, you can do so for 80 coins.

Pardon us if we interject a remark here, but 22 Farm Cash seems a little on the high side for a cat, as adorable as it may be. Do you agree?