Design to Inspire, Priced to Sell

Design on a dime 2010Last night was the opening reception for the sixth annual Design on a Dime, an extremely popular interior design event where everyone involved really benefits!

Over 50 interior designs (including Ty Pennington, Jaclyn Smith, Yetta Banks and Jamie Drake) created vignettes of a room in the house, and outfitted them with an assortment of furniture, lighting, mirrors, artwork and just about anything you would use for decor (and some things you wouldn't have thought of).

So how does the viewer benefit? Every design morsel is for sale at a fraction of the cost of what one might find in stores or online.

The event is hosted by Housing Works, the nation's largest grassroots AIDS-service organization, and is sponsored by Sears, Kmart and a slew of other vendors and donors. All proceeds go to Housing Works.

The group will put it toward the renovation of 12 units in a complex of supportive housing for single, formerly homeless adults living with HIV/AIDS.

Design on a Dime is open to the public through Saturday. You will find an array of housewares, new vintage furniture and even linens at very low prices. But here's the rub: Last night's VIP reception was a melee of people with good design sense staking out the bargains and claiming them as their own.

Tickets to the event started at $150 -- and while that may seem like a high-price ticket, it was well worth the cost to people carting away merchandise that would have come at a much heftier price anywhere else. Smart and thrifty!

But there are still deals to be found and inspiration to be had -- so if you're in the New York area, go take a look for yourself. The address is at the bottom of this post. (And buy! Remember it goes to a very worthy cause).

Below is a sampling of what some very talented decorators did for this event.

Design on a Dime
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Design to Inspire, Priced to Sell
If you decorate it, they will come. Lines at the registers were never empty at any point in the night - shoppers had found good deals and they knew it!
Thomas created an alternate reality with wild horse murals, over-sized and neon lighting, bold colors, and lots of spray painted objects.
While I love the idea of a beautifully decorated, prim and proper white room, I'm unsure how to keep something that clean. ("The Hills" is playing on that flat screen - nice promotion.)
The use of a teak room divider, good lighting, and purple hues made this one of the more homey vignettes of the evening.
Brett Beldock combined useful and whimsical in this room. Her new line of wallpaper lines the back wall and the room is adorned with animal-shaped decor from Oly Designs.
While a mirror ball is a design no-no for most, the addition of good lighting on the 70's relic made a nice polka dot effect on the brightly colored walls.
I like the angular stripe of the wallpaper (remember "Too Close for Comfort?") and the bold colors used throughout. The use of a kaleidoscope-like print in a unused fireplaceis a nice design idea.
Sure, you may scoff at the pig-topped daybed, but Caicedo used some extremely inexpensive techniques to create or hang good art.
Why not use pushpins and small binder clips to hang unframed art or posters. Whether alone or hung in groups, it's a clean and simple way to hang art.
Vintage maps + inexpensive frames = art bonanza!
Yoshida was another designer who hung art inexpensively (with push pins). His well-curated collection was a hot commodity--people were clamoring to buy his prints all night.
Warburton called his room "French fierce" and he wasn't lying. Mirrors, feathers, lush fabrics and sexy furniture made this room popular amongst the myriad of shoppers.

I had the opportunity to talk to several of these designers throughout the evening and next week will share with you some of their creative insight on how to design for small spaces on a budget.

Design on a Dime

Friday, May 07, 2010 - Saturday, May 08, 2010
Metropolitan Pavilion
125 West 18th Street
New York, NY
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