YoVille gives out free Gold Mystery Boxes this week *Spoilers*

Each day this week through Sunday, YoVille are giving out a free premium Gold Mystery Box to all players. To receive your free gift, log into YoVille and you will receive a popup asking you if you want to open the mystery box or save it for later. If for some reason this message does not come up when you log in, check your gift box to see if you were given the gift. Zynga announced on the YoVille Facebook wall today that this Gold Mystery Box will give away more YoCash than they have ever given away before.
This mystery box definitely is giving away lots of YoCash. We've heard reports of up to 25 YoCash in the box, and up to 3,000 coins. The other items you can win from this box are:

Chaise Lounge
Zynga Hat
Eiffel Tower Statue

YoVille Gold Mystery Box Eiffel Tower Statue

YoVille Gold Mystery Box Chaise LoungeYoVille Gold Mystery Box Zynga Hat
So far, this is all that has been reported. The Chaise Lounge is rather attractive we think, but the Zynga Hat and Eiffel Tower are just kind of 'meh'. The real prize in these Mystery Boxes is winning YoCash. Just remember, if you don't get what you want today - you could still get it tomorrow or every day until Sunday.

Have you seen more than 25 YoCash in your free Gold Mystery Box? Tell us in the comments.
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