YoVille Developer Kyle Stewart Tweets Answers to Players

YoVille Developer Kyle Stewart
YoVille Developer Kyle Stewart

YoVille Developer Kyle Stewart answered many of your questions in a live twitter chat. The developer revealed so much information about the future of the game. Here are some interesting points:

* No new levels are coming soon but something similar is.
* Closets to store your items are coming next month.
* When asked about the Circus tent, the developer joked about it saying that it houses all the monkeys that throw poo.
* Zynga is not going to kill YoVille on Myspace

The developers answered many interesting questions about the game. Make sure to read them after the break. Thanks to Angie who gathered this list.

Q: When are the yoville.com missions coming back? pls. don't say soon, give a tentative date.

A: We turned the yo.com missions off because of hackers. We'd love to fix them, but it will be a while since it's a LOT of work.