Wild Ones releases new Ice Bridges map

Wild Ones Ice Bridges
Wild Ones Ice Bridges

The steady stream of Wild Ones updates continues with a new map: Ice Bridges.

Different from the other Wild Ones levels, Ice Bridges' design provides a unique experience. As pictured above, the players spawn divided, with a solid bridge of ice separating the players. This means that if a pet desires to attack a player on another level, they must first tunnel through the ice with explosive weapons. As a result, the Drill Gun becomes the weapon of choice for Ice Bridges. Finally, in situations like the one above, players seeking survival will often team up, creating an intense 2 vs 2 standoff.

Many of the levels in Wild One require higher levels to be unlocked. This is a problem for fans who aren't Wild Ones addicts, and who might simply enjoy a game now and then. These players will never experience most of the maps. More importantly, their lower level limits them to a choice of just a few levels.

The release of this frigid battlefield comes in response to the growing number of fans criticizing the limited level selection. Ice Bridges comes as a small breath of fresh arctic air, giving players a break from the stale map assortment. So be sure to head to Wild Ones and battle enemy pets on the newly released Ice Bridges.