West Hollywood Banning Public Smoking? And Other News

A violent spree sent shock waves through West Hollywood; the city votes to boycott Arizona; a new movement could have WeHo smelling very differently and more.

Here's the latest news out of West Hollywood, Calif. this week...

  • Glendale resident and anti-smoking advocate Steve Gallegos has turned his efforts toward banning smoking in public areas in West Hollywood. Gallegos is behind almost every So Cal public spaces anti-smoking law (and his own town of Glendale has the most stringent laws of all). He wants the WeHo sidewalks and public areas free of smoke. Council member Abbe Land proposed the ban and has Gallegos working on the Smoking Task Force. Judging from Gallegos' past successes, I'd say get ready to quit smoking, WeHo.
  • Two more WeHo Ficketts are up for designation. If you don't know what that means, you aren't alone. Architect Edward H. Fickett designed buildings that represented post-WWII or "Googie" architecture. (It's true!) The West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission will decide if either is "potentially significant as a local resource," and then the City Council will vote on whether to give the buildings protection under the historic designation.
  • The first eight tips on a West Hollywood website about "being in the know" are all about parking. If you can't beat the gridlock, you can park and wait it out I guess.
  • The family of a woman accused of stabbing four shoppers in a Target at La Brea and Santa Monica on Monday says she suffers from mental illness. The usual rainbow-loving, friendly town was shocked. Yes, crime happens, and yes, it happens in WeHo, but if it can happen at Target -- and like this -- where are you safe?

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