Three new buildings arrive in Social City

Every time we turn around, Social City is releasing another set of buildings and promoting it in their new and improved Social City Gazette. This time, we have a new Basketball Stadium, a Museum or Rock, and an Adobe Home 1. The prices range from 19 City Bucks to a hefty 65 City Bucks. We find it interesting that the buildings that are featured on the news are always City Bucks and are never coins items. Here are the item details:

Basketball Stadium - +45,000 population, 3x3 sized, collect 10,000 coins every 2 days, build time 1 minute, 4,000xp, 65 City Bucks
Museum of Rock - +22,000 population, 2x2 sized, collect 1,000 coins every 16 hours, build time 1 minute, 540xp, 45 City Bucks
Adobe Home 1 - +1000 pop, 1x1 sized, collect 1,000 workers every 1 day, build time 1 minute, 172xp, 19 City Bucks

The Basketball Stadium is a massive building, which it rightfully should be at the price. The Museum of Rock is a rather odd building that combines a traditional museum with musical instruments, and the Adobe Home will look familiar if you're playing FarmVlile and enjoying the new Southwestern theme.

Do you ever buy the promoted times in the Social City Gazette? Will you buy one of these?