SPP! Ranch gets a sweet tooth with new Candy Land items

SPP! Ranch Candy Land Items
SPP! Ranch Candy Land Items

Every Wednesday we see new items hitting the store in SPP Ranch, and we're generally impressed with what we see. Their releases are large, detailed, and offer a huge variety of choices for ranchers. These items remind us of the Candy House in FishVille, and there is nothing wrong with that! We found ourselves drooling just looking at all of these 'sweet' items. Check out the full details on what you're missing out on:

Pink Candy Rat - 100 coins
Blue Candy Rat - 125 coins
Candy Gate - 400 coins
Giant Cake House - 4500 coins
Candy Umbrella - 1500 coins
Candy Train Engine - 400 coins
Candy Train Cargo - 200 coins
Pink Floral Candy Cane - 75 coins
Yellow Ribbon Candy Cane - 75 coins