San Franciso Rental: Haight Street Pad, $2,500 -- Good Morning Starshine!

Haight Street is the cultural haven that fostered the Summer of Love. It's one of the country's most iconic boulevards, where millions of tourists come for a taste of the hippie past that's long gone.

Personally, it's not one of my favorite neighborhoods in San Francisco for that very reason. It seems to attract a lot of gutter punks with dogs asking for spare change for drugs. Either you love Haight Street or, well, hate Haight.

But they do have some really nice old Victorian and Edwardian buildings in this area. And what you get here is a sunny,
refurbished two-bedroom apartment in a charming Edwardian apartment building.

So what's the full skinny on the apartment at 299 Cole St.?

Hardwood floors throughout, so no gross carpet here. Both the bedrooms are packed with big closets and plenty of storage space, plus they have views of the Panhandle for a bit of scenery.

The living room gets plenty of light from the large windows and has an excellent view of Golden Gate Park. The kitchen sounds pretty nice, too: It has marble counter tops, new cabinetry, and a stainless-steel refrigerator.

So how does $2,500 rank with other two-bedroom apartments around Haight Street? It's somewhere around the upper-middle in price range. You can find a two-bedroom apartment for around $1,795 but there are also places out there going for $2,800. Do your homework, look around, and see if you like the neighborhood. Maybe this is the place for you.

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