'Home Rules': Still Renovating After Four Years

Imagine Dr. Drew Pinsky but with a home renovation twist. That's what you get with HGTV's "Home Rules". It's a show that's not only about fixing homes but fixing the families that live in them. Get it?

"If your life is a wreck then so is your home," says life coach Fran Harris. Each week a chosen couple has to work on their relationship before work can be done on their home. Yes, they have to earn the right to have their walls knocked down and homes transformed.

Episode 8: An Unfinished Home Wreaks Havoc on a Family
The Setup:
Anthony and Christina live in what looks like a condemned house. Four years ago they moved into a fixer-upper. Jump to present day: It's still a fixer-upper. Anthony promised that the renovations would be finished before they moved in. The house is in shambles -- and so is their relationship.

Christina is embarrassed to have to keep telling people they are still renovating when they see their half-finished rooms and walls. To top it off, the family of five has to share one tiny bathroom.

"That's a lot of stress on one toilet," remarks Fran Harris.

The Prescription: As always, work needs to be done on the relationship before it can begin on the house. Fran plans for a trust exercise that involves Anthony and Christina going to trapeze school. The couple needs to depend on each other while they swing through the air, or else they will plummet to the net below.

David agrees to be more hands-on with the kids. He learns to take charge and be more confident as a dad.

Meanwhile, the crew tries to create more space for the family in their house. They add a staircase and a new third story for the children, to create more privacy for the family. Plus, a huge new bathroom is in the works.

The Conclusion: Anthony, Christina, and their family love the place. How surprising!

"The bathroom is bigger than some studio apartments in Manhattan," Anthony remarks.

"It's perfect," says Christina.

To top it off, the couple's bedroom (which was once Christina's least favorite room in the house) is now a romantic paradise; constructed to bring heat back to their relationship.

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