Guide to PetVille's NEW! virtual ikebana (a.k.a. Flower Arranging feature)

PetVille Make a Bouquet
PetVille Make a Bouquet

PetVille has kicked all our flower pots to the curb and is using flower power to further the social aspect of its gameplay. What does that mean, you ask? Well, previously, the game equipped each room with a free flower pot of your choice, and flowers you can buy that'd wilt at different rates to offer varying Love points (i.e. XP). But now, each pot is the same, and you need to earn those flowers the hard way -- which in social gaming terms, means begging and gifting.

But the new system is much more nuanced than that. Sure, flowers have now become another commodity to chase in-game, but being allowed to craft your own bouquets by dragging one's mouse around is such a nice touch, it's almost a game of its own! As a matter of fact, in Japan, flower arrangement is called ikebana, and considered a serious art discipline.

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