FishVille Fanta-Sea mystery crates: Find out what's inside

fanta-sea mystery crate

The Fanta-Sea Mystery Crate will soon be leaving FishVille, and you might be wondering if it's worth spending the 10 Sea Shells to buy one before it swims away forever. Obviously, you'll have to make that call for yourself, so without further adieu, here's what you're likely to find inside...
The Fanta-Sea mystery crates contain three (instead of one) items, which include: A green fairy, a pig and a rare fish -- the Formosa wrasse. Fun fact about this rare fish: it's a real-life fish that likes to bury itself in sand and is known for its hunting skills, turning over rocks in search of food.

fishville fanta-sea crate find out what's inside

In these pics above, get a look at the Formosa Comey grown up, courtesy of FishViller ianpetpet. Below, you can see images of the Pig and Green Fairy from Fishvillers Chrissylynne and Cardea.

fishville mystery cratefishville mystery crate items

What did you find in your FishVille Fanta-Sea mystery box? Was the loot worth the 10 shells?
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