New York Area Insider: Springfield, N.J. Tech Entrepreneur Ray Bernaz


Ray Bernaz grew up in New Jersey and has spent most of his adult life living there. While working in corporate banking in New York he and his wife realized that for the same they'd spend on a studio in Manhattan they could buy a house in Springfield.

Even after a stint in London the family decided to come back to their house in Springfield, N.J. because they have great neighbors, enjoy close proximity to New York City and love those cool, deejayed block parties.

Name, Age, Occupation: Ray Bernaz, 31, Technology Entrepreneur and Founder of

Neighborhood: Spring Brook section of Springfield, N.J.

Abode: Three-bedroom, single-family house

How long have you been in Springfield?
We've owned the house for seven years, but for two years we were in London. When we were abroad we rented it out to a couple that wanted it for 19 months. Since were were gone under two years it was perfect.

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