New HTC Incredible Droid $50 cheaper at Amazon

HTC Incredible Droid on sale at Amazon
HTC Incredible Droid on sale at Amazon

Patience can be rewarding. Some fans of the newest Droid are finding that out in the sweetest possible way.

Last week, while many dashed to splurge on this latest must-have phone from HTC, some smart ones quietly jumped the queue ordering the device on for a hefty rebate.

At the stores, customers looking for instant gratification paid $200 with a two-year service plan. At Amazon, consumers were and are still getting it $50 cheaper.

So, if you are the frugal kind and don't mind the wait, check out Amazon. Verizon anyways announced on its website that it can't ship the hot gadget until May 14 "due to high demand." At Amazon, with a new two-year activation, the HTC Droid Incredible is tagged at $149.99. That offer is good until 11:59 p.m. PDT, May 6. Buyers will receive an activation-fee credit of up to $35 for each line.

Hailed as a formidable challenger to the iPhone, the phone is expected to take the market by storm. According to PC World, except for some minor design qualms the smart phone "truly lives up to its name." Its 8 MP camera, multi-tasking ability, support for flash and lightening fast processor have wowed its users.