Los Angeles Rental: Venice 1BR House for $2,150


For an area known to be artistic with a slightly hippie bend, the high rents in the beach area of Venice, Calif. tell another story. Since Venice is a cool spot close to the beach with lots of great restaurants (and is a relatively small) the rents can be high for the space you get. Many apartments in Venice are atypical -- more like beach shacks -- compared to what you can find in other parts of Los Angeles, or even beach towns like Marina Del Rey or Santa Monica. But people love the Venice vibe, so for those of you looking to call this place home, just know the average price for a one bedroom in Venice is $2,005.

This particular house is in the canal area, one of the most charming parts of Venice. This one bedroom, one bathroom stand alone house is $2,150. As a redone house near the beach, this would be great Venice Beach living.

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