Happy Pets Fountain of Youth makes adult pets young again

Happy Pets fountain of youth
Happy Pets fountain of youth

Happy Pets are currently offering a limited time Fountain of Youth idol, and it costs a whopping 88 Facebook credits, or $8.80. This is not the first expensive item Crowdstar has released in Happy Pets lately, there has been the Iron Cats that also cost 88 Facebook Credits, the two idols that both cost over $40 each, and the Famous Dogs set for just under $7 each. They must be seeing some success with these pricier items, because we keep seeing new items priced at more than a buck each.

The Fountain of Youth is a permanent item that will not ever go away, even after the sale ends. You can move the prop to any room or yard, and it will temporarily change any of your adult pets into a youth pet once they walk into the fountain. The fountain can be turned on and off by clicking it using the hand icon. This fountain will not affect breeding - once you breed a pet it will go back to the adult growth stage.

At this point it is unclear if the item will be leaving the store after today, or if the price will just raise. We'll definitely check it out and see whether this item was a short time availability prop, or whether it will be sticking around at a higher price tomorrow.

Would you pay almost $9.00 for an item in a Facebook game? Let us know.