Furniture Slipcovers Transform a Room

Let's face it, we keep hearing that the economy is in a slow recovery and, although that should feel like good news, consumers are still wary of returning to their old spending habits, opting instead to stay on the frugal path.

So who has the money to spend on transforming an entire room? Slipcovers to the rescue!

They've been around for a while and most people know they are great for creating a new look in a flash. But nowadays they come in a wider variety of patterns and colors than ever.

Perhaps slipcover designers are privy to this economy thing and know slipcovers will sell well to folks looking to make a change.

The days of plain old boring, single-hued (and all too often, brown-toned) slipcovers as the only choice are gone. Things are spicier now and slipcovers are bright and patterned. A recent article in the Miami Herald focuses on the re-emergence of covers as a design option. They feature sofas, chairs and ottomans all dressed up in a hot pink with a subtle pattern, a bold multi-colored theme and an elegant, soft cream color. The idea of the form-fitting covers is to give the illusion that the pieces had been reupholstered - pretty ingenious.

However, the prices of the slipcovers in the article were not very economical (though definitely less than the cost of a new couch). Even the Ikea brand slipcovers they mention cost almost $100.

There are low-cost alternatives at places like Target, and JCPenney -- ideal for folks counting their pennies.

Target has a vintage-striped sofa cover available online for $69.99 and a vintage floral chair option for $49.99. And transforming the dining room is economical with their scroll dining-room-chair slipcover, available in several colors at $14.99 per cover. has similar covers for $17.99 per pair. They also offer a wide selection for covering daybeds and loveseats.

While large department stores like JCPenney can be low-cost places to purchase furniture, it's important to note that they also offer a nice selection of slipcovers at reasonable prices. A look around their website uncovers some subtle and traditional patterns. And JCPenney considers that not everything is a perfect fit -- they sell several slipcover grips and also offer tailor-made slipcovers for your unusually-sized furniture.

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