FishVille visits underwater caves with new Crystal Caverns theme

FishVille has just released a brand new set of decorations, the Crystal Caverns theme. This theme was the second place finisher in the survey that the FishVille development team posted a couple weeks ago. This new theme contains 11 items so far, and all of them are a rich, well-contrasted color that will definitely make tanks stand out. We think this is an even better looking theme than the Fanta-Sea set, but should tie in nicely with pieces from that theme as well. Here is the full list of items in the Crystal Caverns theme, and pricing:

Crystal Seahorse - 15 Sand Dollars
Creeper Cave - 16 Sand Dollars
Bubbling Lava Tube - 10 Sand Dollars
Orange Ore - 6 Sand Dollars
Purple Ore - 6 Sand Dollars
Blue Helictite - 65,000 coins
Calcite Crystals - 50,000 coins
Pointy Stalactite - 35,000 coins
Big Stalactite - 100,000 coins
Topaz Tiger Lily - 10 Sand Dollars
Red Crystal Shroom - 10 Sand Dollars
Gemstone Pack (Pack of 5) - 5 Sand Dollars

The Gemstone Pack is for the Gemstone Pouch mini game. You'll notice most of these items are Sand Dollars, but we're sure that more Crystal Caverns items will be coming soon. Take a peek at the new items below:
fishville crystal caverns themefishville crystal caverns theme

Are you as excited about this new Crystal Caverns theme as we are?
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