FishVille visits underwater caves with new Crystal Caverns theme


FishVille has just released a brand new set of decorations, the Crystal Caverns theme. This theme was the second place finisher in the survey that the FishVille development team posted a couple weeks ago. This new theme contains 11 items so far, and all of them are a rich, well-contrasted color that will definitely make tanks stand out. We think this is an even better looking theme than the Fanta-Sea set, but should tie in nicely with pieces from that theme as well. Here is the full list of items in the Crystal Caverns theme, and pricing:

Crystal Seahorse - 15 Sand Dollars
Creeper Cave - 16 Sand Dollars
Bubbling Lava Tube - 10 Sand Dollars
Orange Ore - 6 Sand Dollars
Purple Ore - 6 Sand Dollars