FishVille Gemstone Pouch: Everything you need to know *spoiler*

fishville gemstone pouch collection game
FishVille has just released a brand new Crystal Caverns theme, and with it is a brand new Gemstone Pouch collection mini-game. This game works exactly the same as the Mushroom Mound and just like all of the holiday collection minigames in FarmVille. If you're looking to find out what exactly you can earn with the new Gemstone Pounch collection and how to earn it, we have the details.

Everyone has a Gemstone Pouch, which you can access by clicking the little gem icon on the left side of your screen. This will pop open the game, and show you how many gemstones you have and how many you need to get each level of item. Collecting the required amount of gemstones will unlock the next reward for you and you will be able to purchase it. Gems work just like currency, you will have to trade them in for items and the purchase amount will be deducted from your gem balance. You can always click the "comparison" button to see how many total gems you have collected compared to your friends (if you want to brag).

To collect gemstones, you can either request them from friends or you can purchase them from the Store at a price of 5 Sand Dollars for five gems. Every one can send all four of the gems, and it doesn't matter which color you receive - they all increment your number just the same. If you send more to your friends, chances are you'll get more in return!

Read on for the full spoiler list of six rewards you can earn by collecting gems.
Quartz Conch Shell - 3 Gemstones
Blue Cave Pearls - 6 Gemstones
Purple Travertine - 10 Gemstones
Gleaming Skull - 16 Gemstones
Ceiling Crystal - 20 Gemstones
Longfin Damsel - 30 Gemstones
fishville gemstone pouch collections
We think the fish is a cute little fish, but the neatest reward is probably the Ceiling Crystal. It is bright and colorful and we can't wait to add it to our fish tank. Which rewards do you think are the best in the new Gemstone Pouch game?
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