FarmVille brings back Sweet Yams for Haiti

farmville haiti sweet yams
Today, FarmVille has just brought back a limited time promotion in which players can purchase yam seeds and 50% of the profit will be donated to relief efforts in Haiti. To participate, open up the Market in FarmVille and click on the Seeds tab. The first item shown should be the Sweet Yams. A purchase of these Yam seeds enables you to plant them as many times as you want for one full week, and they will never wither. When you attempt to purchase these seeds, you are allowed to choose to donate either 25, 55, or 240 Farm Cash, and the amount of Yams you receive will be the same. The idea is that you can donate more to Haiti if you wish.
farmville haiti sweet yams

While Zynga have been under scrutiny in the past for this promotion and charity effort, they have an extensive page available that shows how much they have helped with relief efforts in Haiti through FarmVille donations. The money will be going to help build a K-12 school in Mirebalais, Haiti. If you were planning to harvest and plant anyway, why not make a charitable donation to help others?

Have you helped Haiti in FarmVille yet? Why or why not?
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