Cafe World gets hip and modern with new decor

Zynga's popular restaurant game, Cafe World, has just released a large set of new hip and modern decorations. These decorations range from fountains, interior design, fish tanks, and statues. Honestly not all of the items seem all that modern. It almost feels like a random collection of decorations that didn't quite fit with any other theme. Either way, some of the items are rather attractive. Here is the list of new hip & modern decor:

Purple Tube Pillar - 2 Cafe Cash
Crystal Clear Speaker - 6 Cafe Cash
Cheerful Cup Cleaner - 13 Cafe Cash
Masterful Mix Maker - 13 Cafe Cash
Bongo Beater - 14 Cafe Cash
Borderline Bassist - 14 Cafe Cash
Om Bowls Waterfall - 15 Cafe Cash
Waterfall Divider - 15 Cafe Cash
Baby Grand Piano - 16 Cafe Cash
More Modern Fishtank - 22 Cafe Cash
Modern Menu - 20,000 coins
Golden Abstract Statue - 80,000 coins
Welcome Hostess - 100,000 coins
Sensual Singer - 150,000 coins

See what we mean by random? We're not sure how a hostess is modern, but hey - we're sure someone will buy it! Most of these items are Cafe Cash though, and the coins items are very expensive.

What do you think of the new Cafe World decorations?
Will you be buying any?
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