Atlantic Yards Project: Another Brooklyn Holdout Emerges


Last week, infamous opponent to Brooklyn's much-maligned Atlantic Yards development project, Daniel Goldstein, surprised some of his supporters when he took a $3 million settlement from the developer who took ownership of his property through eminent domain. (Those who waxed cynical about his cash infusion apparently wanted him to martyr himself by trying to find a decent place to live in the ever-inflated South Brooklyn real estate market).

But Goldstein, it turns out, is not the last resident of the area to refuse to leave. Out of the rubble -- literally -- of the Atlantic Yards construction zone, another family has emerged, according to the NY Post. A woman named Aisha Ahmed, whose ex-husband bought 481 Dean St. in 1988, is asking for $170,000 more than she has been offered -- or $85,000 for each child -- to vacate her property. We don't know what the previous offer was, nor do we know if the property has been officially sold, since no records have been found.