Are you Cambridge Who's Who material? So are we all

Cambridge Who's Who not too picky
Cambridge Who's Who not too picky

Plastered across the top of LinkedIn's personal profile pages last week, in prime real estate, not hovering in the margins where other bogus offerings usually lurk, was the unlabeled but obviously paid ad:

Are You A Chief Officer? - Be part of the Cambridge Who's Who registry for distinguished persons. - From Tom Gricka

Given LinkedIn's purpose (and I've been using it myself at least a couple of years, including for hiring), the ad was probably crafted to make users think they were getting a personal invitation from Tom and Cambridge Who's Who.

I don't know Tom, but taking a look at his own LinkedIn profile page (which on Friday afternoon sported the same ad copy mentioned above, though with the slightly more believable salutation, "Chief Executive Officers. Be part of the Cambridge Who's Who...), he's a handsome young lad who lives in a nice Long Island neighborhood with his wife Robyn, a long way from Cambridge, Mass., the prestigious home of Harvard and MIT, and even further away from Cambridge, U.K., alma mater of Charles Darwin, Hugh Laurie and Sacha Baron-Cohen.