Treasure Isle: New Mayan Isles III maps are released


Zynga have been teasing us for the last week about the new Mayan Isles maps in Treasure Isle, and finally they have come through with their promise. Tonight, the Mayan Isles III maps were released, promising 7 new undiscovered islands to dig for treasure and discover collections. These maps are only available if you have completed all of the previous Mayan Isles maps, so you may not have them unlocked as of yet.

The new maps are:

Enchanted Land - Requires 10,000 coins
Eagle Claw
Stony Path - Requires 15 Island Cash
Isle of Time - Requires 8 Island Cash
Mystic Lake
Great Rune
Hidden Waters - Requires 5,000 coins

Many will be upset that two of these new maps are not unlockable without paying Island Cash, but it should be noted that the two largest islands are available for coins. The question is - were you able to finish the Mayan Isles II with all of those bugs you had to spray? Many Treasure Isle players are complaining that the required amount of coins is over 100,000 to complete the previous Mayan Isles maps because of all of the bugs to remove. For those who did complete them, the new maps will surely be a welcome addition to Treasure Isle.

Are you excited for the new Mayan Isles III maps in Treasure Isle? Let us know in the comments.