Treasure Isle Mystery Gift: Find out what's inside

treasure isle mystery gift find out whats inside
treasure isle mystery gift find out whats inside

Not long ago, Treasure Isle introduced a Mystery Gift that can be sent to friends for free. That's nice and all, but we wanted to know what's inside to see whether its worth sending these to our fellow adventurers.

Here's a looong list of what might be lurking inside, from the common Jacaranda tree to the more valuable Bag of Gems. Unfortunately, the exorbitantly priced Bug Spray is not included in this lineup ... for now, at least.

1 Island Cash
1,000 coins
20 XP
Random Common Collectible
Random Uncommon Collectible
Random Rare Collectible
Red Gem
Orange Gem
Purple Gem
Green Gem
Blue Gem
Bag of Red Gems
Bag of Blue Gems
Bag of Purple Gems
Bag of Green Gems
Bag of Orange Gems