Sony launches The Agency: Covert Ops on Facebook

The Agency Covert Ops Facebook
The Agency Covert Ops Facebook

Sony Online Entertainment, well known for popular MMO titles EverQuest, EverQuest II, and Star Wars Galaxies, has just released their second Facebook game. The Agency: Covert Ops is a Mafia-Wars style game where you lead the life of a secret agent, unlocking locations, playing mini-games, engaging in battles, and customizing your avatar. This game ties in with SOE's upcoming and anticipated Playstation 3 and PC game, The Agency.

While Covert Ops is essentially a re-skinned version of Mafia Wars and Vampire Wars with a different theme, don't get us wrong, this game has extreme potential. It has a beautiful aesthetic to it, a high level of polish that you can expect a large game developer to be able to create, absolutely fantastic and immersive music, and feels great to play. You create your spy and pick a specialized class for him or her, and then complete missions and go to different areas. The objective is to do as much as you can with the "cover points" that you have (similar to energy in other games), raise your level, unlock new weapons, and defeat enemies.