PetVille: Log in and get 2 free Pet Cash every day this week!

PetVille 2 Free Pet Cash
PetVille 2 Free Pet Cash

We've seen a lot of offers for logging into Facebook games on a frequent to consecutive basis -- everything from free Avatar-inspired critters in Happy Pets, to free fuel in FarmVille -- but free premium virtual cash is the ultimate giveaway, since it's the closest thing to free real money.

But yeah, starting today and lasting for a week, each day players log into PetVille will earn them 2 free Pet Cash. This week is also No Pound Fees Week, which means your your pet won't be confiscated and you won't have to pay to get it released from the pound if you forget to feed it.

Basically, the game is setting up a week where it rewards players for checking in, but also doesn't penalize those who aren't coming back. So whether you're coming back or staying away, if you're a PetVille fan, there's something in it for you.