Mafia Wars Turkey Vulture is, indeed, an 'awesome animal'

mafia wars turkey vulture

Mafia Wars continues to delve out the sweet loot this week -- for the next 24 hours (or a the time of this posting 21 hours), you'll be able to send up to 50 mafia members this Turkey Vulture with a single click.

This Turkey Vulture, like the Rogue Agent and the Death Dealer Minigun from earlier this week, has some impressive stats, boasting 62 Attack and 50 Defense. In short, this attack bird ain't no turkey.

mafia wars high-powered gifts
mafia wars death dealer minigun

Like the other One-Click gifts, you can only own five total. Any extras will be converted into energy points, which can -- of course -- be used to complete jobs.

Which Mafia Wars limited edition gimme is best -- CIA Agent, Turkey Vulture or Death Dealer?
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