Mafia Wars Death Dealer Minigun: Limited edition gift is big on defense

limited edition weapons
limited edition weapons

Mafia Wars
has rolled out a series of limited edition gifts of late, and the most recent is the Death Dealer mini-gun, which you can send to 50 mafia members with (seriously) one click of a button. We highly recommend taking advantage of these limited edition specials -- especially considering the impressive stats of this big bruiser -- 48 Attack and 64 Defense.

That's the good news; now the bad news. You can only own five of these bad boys, so if after you accept five, every additional Death Dealer you get will be worth 1 energy point. As of this posting, this minigun will be available for 14 more hours so get moving and make sure your mafia's armed and dangerous.

Mafia Wars Death Dealer: Do you like?

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