Jen + Brad: Arch Enemies? The Feud Turns to Architecture

jen and bradAre Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt now "arch" enemies?

A "close source" claims Aniston yearned for the March cover of Architectural Digestnot because she cared about architecture, restoration or design. No! Her turn on the magazine was a ploy to get the attention of former husband Brad Pitt, reports US Weekly.

According to this "close source," "Brad thinks she is pathetic" and says that he is "disgusted." This source claims Brad is fuming because Jennifer never showed any interest in architecture before, and in fact used to "make fun" of Pitt's interest.

Brad himself is a former Architectural Digest cover boy for his involvement in New Orleans.

Whoa! Get over yourselves! Which is worse? That Brad is allegedly so bratty and self-centered that he needs to talk trash about his ex? Or that Jen is allegedly so insecure that she'd spend three years and piles of cash on renovating her home so her ex might see her photograph on a magazine cover?

We'll tell you what's worse: super fans who ruin architecture.

Yes, there is a special place in celebrity hell for the kind of super fan that builds a house in homage to a particular TV or movie star. It happened to Brad and his partner Angelia Jolie. Check out this scary home outside Oklahoma City that's said to contain the stars' DNA.

Meanwhile, stars like Aniston and Pitt continue their real-estate newsmaking.

Aniston invited readers into her meticulously restored midcentury home in the issue. The star's project was a revamp of a 1970 Harold Levitt-designed house in Beverly Hills. She purchased it in October 2006 for $13.5 million from big-time contemporary-art collector Rosette Delug.

Brad continues to work on rebuilding New Orleans with very modern architecture. Brad and Angelina Jolie frequently make real estate-related news for their vacation rentals.

Hollywood's fascination with architecture doesn't stop there.

Actress and preservation activist Diane Keaton is really into it as well. She recently suggested that Brad should purchase and preserve Frank Lloyd Wright's famous Ennis House in Los Angeles. The Ennis House could be a real bargain. Its asking price recently dropped from the original asking price of $15 million to $10.495 million -- a veritable steal among the architecture collecting elite!

Will Aniston find the price toogood to be true and swoop in for the purchase? Round Two. Ding, Ding!
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