Is Zynga Leaving Facebook?

Is Zynga leaving Facebook?
Is Zynga leaving Facebook?

Ever since Facebook announced earlier this year that it would be changing the way it works with game companies, the question has been what would Zynga do. Though nothing official has been announced, certain product decisions to its games suggest one possible outcome – Zynga may be planning on taking its games off Facebook and leaving it all together.

It's an open secret that the marriage between Zynga and Facebook has been on the rocks for some time.

On the one hand, Zynga is Facebook's number one games partner and advertiser and Facebook is Zynga's number one distribution channel. They should be the best of friends.

However, this symbiotic relationship makes each company's business vulnerable to each other. When Facebook changed the rules of the game, removing all game notifications from its update feeds and announcing Facebook Credits, whereby Facebook will take 30% of all transactions, it made the relationship -- in the words of Business Week -- complicated.