Happy Pets and Pro Flowers deal offers 220 Facebook Credits

Mother's Day ProFlowers Happy Pets offers 220 Facebook Credits
ProFlowers seems to have made all the rounds to every major Facebook game title out there. As the day rolls on, the deals keep piling up.

But this deal with ProFlowers is way sweeter than those of FarmVille and PetVille, because this one involves 220 Facebook Credits! Facebook Credits are meant to be a virtual currency standard within the games and the offerings of the social network itself. Whereas Farm Cash ties you down to FarmVille-only purchases, and Pet Cash ties you into PetVille-only purchases, Facebook Credits doesn't have that limitation.

Happy Pets I Heart Mom iconTo qualify for the Happy Pets deal -- and technically, this deal is probably open to every Crowdstar game, such as Happy Aquarium -- you need to order from Pro Flowers as a TrialPay user. TrialPay is the service Crowdstar partnered with to allow players to sign up for real world services in exchange for virtual money. To do that, click on the "I ♥ Mom" icon on the left-hand side (see image to the right) of the game screen and the offer window will appear (see image at top of post).
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