FarmVille offers 25 free farm cash for Zynga account sign up


Farmers can receive 25 free farm cash when purchasing any amount of farm cash via PayPal and registering for a Zynga account. You can then use your Zynga account to purchase farm cash for FarmVille or currency for other Zynga games. The free farm cash can be found in your Gift Box, after clicking on the link provided in Zynga's confirmation email. While some farmers are reporting problems with receiving the additional free 25 farm cash, this offer is not a scam. It is an offer provided by Zynga for FarmVille.

For clarification, the offer requires you to:

-Have a PayPal account.
-Purchase any amount of farm cash via PayPal only. Minimum amount is $5 for 25 farm cash.
-Create a new Zynga account (different from FarmVille), existing Zynga accounts do not qualify for this offer.
-Confirm email from Zynga to receive additional free 25 farm cash.

Due to the specific nature, we cannot post a direct link to this offer. To complete the offer, follow these steps:

1. Go to FarmVille "Add Farm Coins & Cash Page".
2. Choose to purchase farm cash with PayPal.
3. Login to PayPal.
4. Complete transaction for farm cash via PayPal.
5. After completing purchase, you will receive a pop-up message asking you to sign up for a Zynga account to receive 25 free farm cash.
6. Register for a Zynga account with a valid email address.
7. Check your email for a confirmation email from Zynga and click on link provided to redeem your free farm cash.
8. After confirming email, the free farm cash should appear in your FarmVille Gift Box.

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