FarmVille Freak Exclusive: 7-Eleven Exclusive FarmVille Items

Previously we brought you an unreleased image of the 7-Eleven tower; as well as some insider information. Today FarmVille Freak John sent in a website that was able to confirm the upcoming 7-11 event! The new and exciting teaser information states that FarmVille players will receive codes to redeem exclusive FarmVille gifts or items with a 7-11 purchase.

FarmVille 7-Eleven See You Soon Notice
FarmVille 7-Eleven FarmVille Promo

Besides FarmVille, the 7-Eleven sponsored Zynga promotions will also include other games such as Mafia Wars and YoVille. We already posted that another FarmVille Freak suggested the following items would be points of focus:

1.) Seven Select (7-11 brand) candy ( gummi's ) & Bakery will be focused on Yoville

2.) Seven Select Chips/snacks/hot foods will be focused around Mafia Wars

3.) Slurpees/Big Gulps will be centered around Farmville
Slurpee cups:
32oz Plastic – all games – 5/17
22oz Paper – all games – 5/10

Big Gulp cups:
44oz Super BG – all games – 5/17
32oz Big Gulp – all games – 5/10

Additionally, they offer these as collectible items:

24oz Seven Select 24oz Orange Yoville bottle – 5/17
1 liter Farmville Purified water – 5/17
1 pint of Farmville Vanilla ice cream – 5/17

*The dates signify when they will be available to be displayed.

Remember FarmVille, Mafia Wars and YoVille players to head to 7-Eleven starting 12am on May 17th!

Are you excited to find out what "exclusive items" will be available with a 7-11 purchase?

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