Cinco de Mayo festivities hit FarmVille, Pet Society, Restaurant City, and more

Pet Society Mexican Cinco de Mayo specials
Pet Society Mexican Cinco de Mayo specials

Cinco de Mayo -- the name of a famous Mexican holiday that literally means the "5th of May"-- has taken on a life of its own outside of Mexico and in the land of Facebook games. Like Hannukah, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the surprise victory of a military event, and both holidays get much more attention abroad than within their home culture.

Cinco de Mayo is also not Mexico's Independence Day, which is on September 16th. But hey, "¡Viva México!", right? In the real world, it's an excuse to party and sip tequilas. And in the land of Facebook games, it's an opportunity to roll out Mexican freebies and holiday decor. (Surprisingly, FarmVille has been pretty sparse with their items release, but that's probably because they decided to approach the holiday laterally, by focusing on a Southwestern theme instead -- and that rollout, has been pretty extensive.)

- FarmVille Celebrates Cinco De Mayo with Limited Edition Decorations: Pinata, Prickly Pear & Tomatillo

Cafe World
- Cafe World: Earn double the coins on Mexican recipes this week

Pet Society
- Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in Pet Society
- Pet Society Maraca Fish swims into pond for Cinco de Mayo

Restaurant City
- Restaurant City: 50% Music Player Sale of The Fiesta Brothers
- Restaurant City: Viva Mexico! Mexican Taquerias are here
- Restaurant City: Free Chocolate and Chili to fans

Happy Aquarium
- Happy Aquarium Limited Edition Cinco de Mayo Fish
- Happy Aquarium: Adopt a Lost Baby Axolotl (a.k.a. Wooper Looper)

SPP! Ranch
- SPP! Ranch debuts Mother's Day and Cinco de Mayo items

- YoVille: Cinco De Mayo Plush Toys Arrive For One Day Only

Hotel City
- Hotel City introduces the most awesome virtual item ever -- a Taco Taco Lamp

Stay tuned for more links as the holiday doesn't kick in 'til tomorrow.